Cit Way Osteopathy

Pre & Post Natal Services in Rochester

We offer a range of pre and postnatal services including, pre and postnatal Osteopathy and massage, Pilates, counselling and psychotherapy and osteopathy for babies and children.

Pre and Post-natal Care at City Way Health Clinic in Rochester, brings together a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals who provide treatment, support and advice for mums to be who may be experiencing the problems, stresses or strains that come with becoming a mum to be and into being a mother.’

Pre and Post-natal Osteopathy

The changes to a woman's skeletal biomechanics throughout the pregnancy and for a period of time after the birth are immense. Not only do joints become more mobile during pregnancy, but during a long, difficult labour the pelvic bones may move to accommodate the passage of the baby while other spinal joints become compressed. An Osteopath can help you to cope and adapt to these changes with as few adverse effects as possible.

Osteopathy is a totally safe approach to pain relief and maintenance of health throughout pregnancy. Back pain is a common phenomenon at some time in almost every pregnancy and in some cases, it is accompanied by the added problem of leg pain or 'Sciatica'. Often these aches and pains can be gently and effectively alleviated with Osteopathic treatment.

After the birth, a post-natal check-up is recommended to ensure that your body is at its optimum to cope with the added stresses and strains associated with being a new mother. Lifting, carrying, breast feeding and lack of sleep can all take their toll on your wellbeing and osteopathy may help to ease many of these problems.

Osteopathy for Babies

Many of our clients bring their babies in for a range of complaints including colic, sleep problems and unsettled babies after a difficult birth. Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle, safe and drug free treatment used by Osteopaths to detect tensions and strains within the body and, together with the parents, we can identify and causes of pain or discomfort your baby might be experiencing. 

Pre and Post-natal Pilates

Pre-natal Pilates, either in a small group or one to one lesson, helps you to exercise and stay strong and healthy in a safe environment throughout your pregnancy. Post –natal Pilates will re-align the balance of your body, help you to maintain pelvic floor function and return to your pre pregnancy strength and mobility or better.


It is perfectly natural for mothers to feel anxious when it comes to giving birth. Whether you are a first time mum or just want to have a different experience than before, HypnoBambinos may be able to support you.

Hypnobirthing is a well-respected antenatal training programme which is available at the clinic, which makes a real difference to how you and your baby experience birth. The four week programme provides parents with vital information on pregnancy and birth, and teaches the mother how to work with her body and mind: Some of the benefits through using hypnotherapy include;

·         You are more likely to experience a more relaxed, safer and sometimes pain free birth
·         Your baby will be born in to a calmer and more relaxed environment, alert and ready to bond with you as nature intended.
·         Length of labour can often be much shorter and less drugs and medical intervention are used

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