Meet The Team in Rochester, Hoo and Rainham

Come and meet some of our staff and professionals that will help you get the most out of your body.

Senior Osteopaths

David Kennett - BSc (Hons) Ost DO profile image

David Kennett - BSc (Hons) Ost DO

Senior Osteopath/Clinic Director

Chris Allen - BSc (Hons) Ost DO profile image

Chris Allen - BSc (Hons) Ost DO

Senior Osteopath/Practice Principal

Tom Fuller - MOst profile image

Tom Fuller - MOst

Senior Osteopath

Anna Rooke - BSc (Hons) Ost DO profile image

Anna Rooke - BSc (Hons) Ost DO

Senior Osteopath

Associate Osteopaths

Hannah Wackett - MOst profile image

Hannah Wackett - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Lewis Grey - MOst profile image

Lewis Grey - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Samantha Watson - MOst profile image

Samantha Watson - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Anastasia Snook - MOst profile image

Anastasia Snook - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Andrew O'Neill - MOst profile image

Andrew O'Neill - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Sophie Clinch - MOst profile image

Sophie Clinch - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Alice Grandpierre - MOst profile image

Alice Grandpierre - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Stefano Dionigi - MOst profile image

Stefano Dionigi - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Lucy Coates - MOst profile image

Lucy Coates - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Jack Bray - MOst profile image

Jack Bray - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Lucy Read - MOst profile image

Lucy Read - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Amber Honeysett - MOst profile image

Amber Honeysett - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Oliver Weeden-Arter - MOst profile image

Oliver Weeden-Arter - MOst

Associate Osteopath

Massage Team

Chris Domoney profile image

Chris Domoney

Lead Sports Therapist/Massage

Michael Carlton profile image

Michael Carlton

Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage Therapist

Ruth Iles profile image

Ruth Iles

Sports and Hot Stone Massage Therapist

Jack Edwards profile image

Jack Edwards

Sports Massage Therapist


Ellie Allen profile image

Ellie Allen

Lead Pilates Instructor

Karen Watson profile image

Karen Watson

Pilates Instructor

Jenni Clarke profile image

Jenni Clarke

Pilates Instructor

Susan Chester profile image

Susan Chester

Pilates Instructor


Cora Weekes profile image

Cora Weekes

Nutritional Therapy, Naturopathy

MSK Ultrasound

Mr Suresh Sudula profile image

Mr Suresh Sudula

Consultant MSK Physiotherapist