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Clinical Massage in Rochester

Our Clinical Massage Therapist uses a wide range of hands-on techniques and rehabilitation approaches to address specific requirements and goals.

Individual tailored treatment for a wide range of conditions and complaints

What is Clinical Massage?


Clinical massage (also known as medical massage), is a term that describes the use of a wide range of hands-on techniques and rehabilitation approaches, with the aim of achieving a specific goal. These goals vary between patients but are often aimed at getting people out of pain or at least reducing it to improve quality of life. Other aims may include improving range of motion, improving strength and posture, and generally remove tension both physically and mentally.

In clinical massage, the ultimate focus is on achieving real outcomes. There are evidence-based reasons why the therapist uses one technique over another and most importantly, results are measurable.

Who is Clinical Massage suitable for?


Clinical massage is suitable for anyone experiencing pain of any form, from recent and minor injuries, to more chronic conditions that have been ongoing for years. Clinical massage can also provide relief and improved quality of life for patients with progressive and degenerative conditions.

Importantly though, you don’t have to wait until you are in pain! Our bodies are great at compensating, which means that by the time you start to feel pain, you may have had a problem for some time. As well as overcoming pain conditions, Clinical massage is designed to assess and treat people who may unaware of their problem, to prevent the pain from developing in the first place.

What are the benefits of Clinical Massage?


Research has shown that clinical massage can significantly reduce pain and improve quality of life in a range of injuries and conditions. The exact benefits to each patient can often be specific to them, as even within the same condition, people’s experiences and symptoms can range dramatically. Clinical massage can be so effective because it treats each person based on their individual problems, and the treatment is always tailored to their needs and goals.

What to expect with a Clinical Massage?


Before any treatment, patients undergo an assessment relevant to their treatment needs. This will include taking a history of their health and condition, followed by a physical assessment which may include posture, strength and flexibility.

Once an appropriate assessment has been completed, any short and/or long-term goals will be discussed, and the therapist will offer a treatment plan aimed at achieving those goals.

Finally comes the treatment which may take many forms depending on the needs of the patient and the goals that have been set. Many of the sessions can focus on applying specific pressure to certain muscle groups or tissue that may be the cause of discomfort, however if poor mobility and range of movement are present, then an emphasis may be placed on stretching and strengthening. Patients are often asked to remove some items of clothing to allow for a thorough treatment of any relevant area, importantly their dignity is always maintained using sheets and towels.

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