Cit Way Osteopathy

Hot Stone Massage in Rochester

Therapeutic massage movements develops relaxation that brings the body into homeostasis, a place of balance where the body can repair and renew.

Hot Stones create a luxurious treatment with immediate, deep, intensifying and long lasting relief to melt away your aches and pains. Hot Stone therapy integrates stone work with a blend of swedish massage, Eastern Therapies, trigger point work and myofascial unwinding, using hands, forearms and knuckles.

What To Expect

Clients new to hot stones are often unsure of what the stones will feel like, smooth or rough, how hot they will be and where are they placed?

Hot stones are silky smooth volcanic rocks called Basalt, they come in different shapes and sizes. The Basalt stones are heated in water and warm oil is applied to the body before the stones are used so they glide over the contours of the body. The magic of the stones lies in the high iron content, which helps them both absorb and transmit the healing power of heat. In the hands of a well trained therapist with awareness of different heat resistant areas on the body, the stones are flipped, turned, tucked and used as 'tools' in producing a thoroughly relaxing deep heated, long lasting massage.

It is like a combination of sunshine on your skin, a hot bath and massage all rolled into one. Warm oil infused with fragrant essential oils stills the mind while aching muscles are pummelled and tensions melt away.

Holistic Body Massage

The muscles are the most obvious part of the body to benefit from massage. Through over use and stress (due to the fight and flight response) the muscles can stay in a contracted state, causing imbalance in the body. Tight muscles will pull posture out of alignment and can constrict blood flow.

Massaging will also:

  • increase flexibility by stretching and relaxing the muscle encouraging it back to its normal length
  • increase the removal of waste products thus reducing cramps
  • improve muscle tone
  • improve posture, once the muscles are relaxed and lengthened, posture will improve. Poor posture will impact on the other systems of the body.
  • improve mobility
  • increase circulation blood & lymph
  • lowers blood pressure
  • encourages deep breathing
  • boosts immunity
  • reduces oedema (swelling)
  • reduces pain
  • improves digestion
  • balance hormones

Face the World Facials

We are delighted that Angela has added Face the World (FTW) facials to her treatments.

FTW is an award-winning UK-based company that specialises in holistic massage.

Their patented signature Facial uses a choreographed routine, results-driven products, beautiful world music and gorgeous fragrances designed to nourish the skin and enlighten the soul. Unlike other facials, the FTW treatment is unique in that it is designed to take you on a blissful, multi-sensory 'journey' around the world while enjoying the benefits of a results-driven yet fully holistic beauty treatment.

In the FTW facial which takes an hour, the music will take you to the lush canopies of a tropical rainforest during the cleanse, onwards to the ancient and spiritual Australian wilderness for the exfoliation, then high into the Tibetan mountains and Buddhist monasteries for a balancing pressure-point massage. Soothing ocean waves and rainfall accompany the hydrating mask and mini-treatment (massaging hands and feet) then you head home over the grand safari plains of South Africa for the nourishing moisturise.

The product range is completely free from parabens and has been developed responsibly and ethically without animal testing or animal products. Suitable for all skin types, FTW products have a unique combination of both traditional and cutting edge ingredients.

Hot Stone Massage Therapist:

Angela Atfield
Ruth Iles