Wide range of Pilates options and classes in our Self Contained Pilates Hub in Medway

Our Range of Mat, Reformer and Equipment Classes run each day Monday to Saturday with daytime and evening sessions available. 1:1 appointments options are available. 

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

Equipment Pilates

Equipment Pilates

Why consider Pilates?

City Way Health in Rochester offers small and personalised classes from our brand new "Pilates Hub" where each client receives personal attention and clear corrections as well as postural analysis and advice from highly trained and qualified instructors.

Pilates is a proved and effective way to condition the body and support the muscles closest to the spine, therefore helping to stabilise the core and prevent back injury or pain. 

How Can Pilates Help Me?

Pilates emphasises correct spinal and pelvic alignment as well as controlled breathing and stresses the importance of smooth, quality, flowing movement to help you have control over your body and become in tune with its needs. Regular Pilates develops a strong core, abdominals and a strong back by working the deep abdominal muscles and activating the trunk, shoulder girdle and pelvis. It also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which are so important in our everyday lives.


Can anyone do Pilates?

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise in as much as it is mainly performed in sitting or reclining positions which is low impact. However, the great thing about Pilates is that it is adaptable and the more comfortable you become with the technique, the more the exercises can be adapted to challenge the individual.


Pilates and Osteopathy - a winning team against back pain

Regular Osteopathic treatment is a highly successful, evidence based method to treat and prevent back pain, however, it is essential that patients follow the stretch and exercise plans given to them by their Osteopath if they want to stay pain free and hold off pack pain for longer. Pilates is an excellent way to support your Osteopathinc treatment and take charge of your own pain management and back pain prevention.

What if I already train regularly?

Pilates can benefit your training by lengthening muscles and bringing an added flexibility which will help you to avoid injury. Muscles are strengthened and elasticity and joint mobility are improved and as Pilates is a whole body workout, no muscle goes unworked, nor is it over worked. You will benefit from a balanced body that is less injury prone and both sports and day to day activities will become more efficient and easy. Many professional sports teams and athletes practice Pilates as part of their training to improve performance and balance the body. Pilates helps you to retrain the body to move in a more efficient and safer way that will help you to effectively work all of your muscles so as not to create muscle imbalance – a leading cause of back pain.


How do I get started with classes at the Pilates Hub?

We recommend a 1:1 30 minute Pilates trial for anyone interested in starting Pilates at the clinic. The trial will cover postural set up and assessment as well as exploring a range of fundamental Pilates exercises. We will be able to give you personalised feedback on your individual needs which you can then take forward into a class or 1:1 environment as well as exercises for you to practice at home.
You can call the clinic to book your appointment or book here


One-to-one Pilates


We offer 1:1 Pilates at the Pilates Hub in both matwork, Reformer and equipment based Pilates. Individual classes can be a beneficial way to start your Pilates journey if you do not feel ready to join a matwork class or are looking for a more personalised experience for rehabilitation from injury or musculoskeletal conditions. 1:1 classes are also a good way to improve your Pilates technique if you are experienced in Pilates or would like to use the reformer or large equipment. We also offer 1:2 classes if you would like to attend with a friend or family member. 1-1 classes are available Monday - Saturday, please call the clinic or book here

Pilates Membership packages


Pilates – Standard Membership £34 pcm

• One Pilates session per week in our studios at Rochester or Hoo or via live stream.

Extra Benefit

• 10% off 1:1 Reformer sessions.


Pilates – Advanced Membership £64 pcm

• Up to two Pilates sessions per week in our studios at Rochester or Hoo or via live stream.

Extra Benefits

• 10% off 1:1 Reformer sessions.

• 10% off Sports massage 


Pilates – Advanced + Membership £90 pcm

• Up to three Pilates sessions per week in our studios at Rochester or Hoo or via live stream 

Extra Benefits

• 15% off 1:1 Reformer sessions.

• 10% off Sports massage

• 10% off Osteopathic treatment

For all membership options credit will be given for classes cancelled within 24 hours of the booked class which can be used in the same calendar month.  Any unused classes will not roll over into the following month.

Membership can be cancelled at any time, cancellations need written confirmation, can only be cancelled by admin team. Remainder of month is non-refundable.

Payment options

o Valid debit or credit on your secure personal file

o Standing order

o Card Payment in clinic or over the phone