Cit Way Osteopathy

Corporate & Schools - Rochester & Medway

We offer flexible and tailor made occupational health solutions for businesses and schools in Kent and surrounding areas, improving the wellbeing, health and productivity of your staff or students.

Over 50% of us will experience back pain every year, costing the healthcare industry and the economy billions of pounds.

City Way Health Clinic has created a programme of services within their ‘Occupational Osteopathy’ service to offer businesses the chance to educate their staff on the importance of understanding what to do to prevent back pain and what to do if they experience back pain.

We offer a range of services offering practical workshops and activities, key information and knowledge as well as assessments and advice.

City Way Health Clinic’s Occupational Osteopathy service offers businesses a tailor made occupational health option to educate their staff and offer them a proactive way to stay in the best of health.

We have worked with many public and commercial sectors, providing flexible packages to suit the needs, type and size of the company.

Our services are designed to enable your business to:

  • improve staff morale, motivation and productivity.
  • Reduce the cost of sickness absence.
  • comply with legal requirements.
  • Educate staff on matters relating to back health care, back and neck pain prevention, fitness and nutrition.


We can provide your business with any or all of the following:

  • Early detection and advice on injuries or conditions that would otherwise result in time off work.
  • Advice on pre-existing injuries and potential treatment paths/exercise regimes.
  • Corporate rate off-site Osteopathy, massage, foot healthcare, Pilates or Reflexology at our Rochester clinic.
  • Back and Neck Pain Prevention Workshops
  • Lunchtime Pilates sessions – specialising in back pain prevention and strengthening the core.
  • Workstation Setup Advice
  • Ergonomic Work site Assessment
  • Manual Handling workshops
  • Lunchtime fitness walking/running circuit
  • Stretches at your desk.

Exercise and stretch plans

Taking a proactive approach to ongoing back health and fitness is key for long term pain prevention.

We offer several services for your business:

  • Stretch plans for when employees are at their desk. Reducing the awkwardness around stretching in the middle of the office, we will show employees how to move throughout the day and educate them on the risks of being sedentary for long periods and the adverse effects it can have on back health.
  • Walking and running routes for the lunch hour. Short distance routes for staff to stretch out and gain some cardiovascular fitness during their day.
  • Lunch hour Pilates. On site during your package and ongoing services are available.


Our Osteopaths will deliver workshops giving advice and instruction on:

  • Correct work station set up. Assessing an example of a workstation set up and offering advice on how to adapt the positioning to minimize risk of strain or repetitive injury.
  • Good working posture education
  • Advice on working environment adaptations
  • Advice and instruction on how to carry out manual tasks in a way which prevents or minimises the risk of strain or injury.

Small changes can make all the difference to an employee at risk from back injury or strain. Advice and modification of working conditions and adapting tasks will help employees with existing problems to remain at work.

Ask an Osteopath

With minimal disruption to everyday business, an on-site Osteopathy team will not only deliver workshops and presentations on back healthcare, neck and back pain prevention, correct posture and workstation set up, but they can also be available throughout the day at our ‘ask  an Osteopath’ information stand.

Employees can visit the stand to discuss their musculoskeletal issues with an Osteopath and receive advice on future treatment plans and ongoing exercise and stretch plans.

Should a problem be identified, our clinic can offer fast access to treatment that is cost effective with our corporate rates.

On site Pilates

Our highly qualified and experienced Pilates instructors offer 45 minute sessions during employees lunch break or immediately after work. The sessions have been designed by our Occupational health team of Pilates instructors and Osteopaths to create a  unique back care class which will strengthen and condition the back and reduce the incidence of back pain in the workplace and everyday life.

Participants will receive follow up emails containing instructions on how to perform the exercises covered in class and regular advice on posture and back care, enabling them to continue to exercise at home or at the gym.

Pilates is a proved and effective way to condition the body and support the muscles closest to the spine, therefore helping to stabilise the core and prevent back injury or pain. Pilates emphasises correct spinal and pelvic alignment as well as controlled breathing and stresses the importance of smooth, quality, flowing movement to help you have control over your body and become in tune with its needs. Regular Pilates develops a strong core, flat abdominals and a strong back by working the deep abdominal muscles and activating the trunk, shoulder girdle and pelvis. It also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which are so important in our everyday lives.

Sessions are aimed at a mixed ability group and open to anyone who wants to have a healthier, stronger back and prevent the incidence of back/neck pain.

Pilates is also available as a stand alone corporate package. If you have a group of 10 or more staff who would like to have an instructor deliver a weekly class in your workplace, please contact the clinic for more information.

Example Package

Day One (morning session):

  • Back pain prevention awareness presentation and Q and A session
  • Ergonomic workstation set up
  • Lifting tutorial
  • Lunchtime Pilates

Day Two (morning session):

  • Stretches at your desk
  • Ask an Osteopath
  • Lunchtime walking circuit
  • Nutrition talk

Day Three (afternoon session):

  • Postural assessment and education
  • Stretches for common areas of back pain
  • After work Pilates
  • Lunchtime running circuit

Also included:

  • Ongoing packages for weekly Pilates
  • Discounts for treatment and classes at City Way Health Clinic in Rochester


  • Money saving solutions for long term and recurrent sickness absence
  • Reduced risk and litigation compensation
  • Speeds up recovery rate resulting in fewer days off work
  • Increased profits and productivity
  • Improved staff morale and efficiency
  • Effective management of staff turnover and costs
  • Flexible, cost effective services to suit your company

City Way Health Clinic supports 'A Better Medway' and we are an NHS referral Clinic

For further information please contact us directly