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Mat Pilates Classes

Mat based Pilates classes in our Rochester based Self Contained Pilates Hub

City Way Health Clinic's Pilates Hub in Rochester offer small and personalised classes where each client receives personal attention and clear corrections as well as postural analysis and advice from highly trained and qualified instructors.

*Virtual Pilates Classes Available For Anyone*
Due to the current uncertain times - our team of highly experienced Pilates Instructors are now running Virtual Pilates Classes which can be booked online and carried our from your home.  Each class is £7.50 per person and can be booked anytime online by clicking here 

Reformer Pilates
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Our Pilates Instructors Ellie, Jenni and Karen share their Top 10 Facts about Mat Pilates, which you may not have known:

  • Pilates is not a form of yoga. Pilates is a system by itself
  • Pilates is based on the belief that ‘the way exercises are done is more important than the exercises themselves’.
  • Pilates is for anyone, not just women. It is a gentle form of exercise which is mainly performed in sitting or reclining positions and thus low impact. We also run Pre & Post Natal classes.
  • Breathing is the key. Pilates involves slow movement and a series of exercises along with attention to proper breathing techniques.
  • If you already train then Pilates can benefit your training by lengthening muscles and bringing an added flexibility which will help you to avoid injury. Many professional athletes practice Pilates as part of their training to improve performance and balance the body.
  • It is recommended that 2-3 sessions a week will enable you to see the benefits, however some will benefit from just once a week.
  • The essence of Pilates is resistance training, which is scientifically proven to create lean muscle and speed up your metabolism to burn calories all day long!
  • Contrology is Pilates' second name. When practicing Pilates you should be in constant "control" of each and every movement.
  • Celebrities swear by Pilates...and if its good enough for them, its certainly good enough for us

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