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Setting the record straight about Osteopathy

Setting the record straight about Osteopathy

Our team of Osteopaths bust some of the most common Osteopathy myths

Here’s our attempt to address some of the many misconceptions about Osteopathy:


Myth 1: Osteopathy isn’t common and there aren’t that many Osteopaths in the UK


Fact: There are actually 5,353 Osteopaths on the UK Statutory Register of Osteopaths (at 2 January 2019). Although Osteopaths practice in all countries of the United Kingdom, the greatest number are to be found in England (4,576). The rest are in Scotland (156), Wales (143), Northern Ireland (27), and outside the UK (451).


Myth: Most Osteopaths are male.


Fact: Of the 5,353 Osteopaths in the UK, 2,637 are male and 2,716 are female.


Myths: Most Osteopaths are older in age


Fact: The majority of Osteopaths are aged between 31 and 50, although the profession includes all ages between 21 and 80!


Myth: There is no registered qualification or training needed to become an Osteopath


Fact: Training to be an Osteopath takes 4 years full-time or 5 years part-time. There are 11 Osteopathic education institutions awarding qualifications recognised by the General Osteopathic Council. Osteopaths must complete 30 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) each year.


Myth: Not many people visit an Osteopath in the UK


Fact: Around 30,000 people currently consult Osteopaths every working day!


Myth: It can take over a week to get an appointment to see an Osteopath.


Fact: 54% of new patients are seen within one working day after contacting their Osteopath and 95% are seen within one week.


Myth: My Osteopath’s charges are far higher than the average prices.


Fact: They probably aren’t as the average initial consultation fee is £48 for a 30-minute session and the average fee for subsequent sessions is £42 (Institute of Osteopathy Membership Census 2014). Fees do of course vary across the UK depending on the Osteopath’s experience and the location of the practice.


Myth: I will not be able to use my private health insurance for Osteopathy treatment.


Fact: Most private health insurance providers do cover for Osteopathic treatment. In 2007, private health insurance accounted for 10.4% of payments for Osteopathic treatment.