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How to stop Golf affecting back or neck pain?

How to stop Golf affecting back or neck pain?

Our Rochester Osteopaths share their own top tips to avoid back and neck pain when playing golf

We are huge lovers of Golf - but it's actually a common cause of back / wrist and shoulder pain!

And as much as we love seeing you at the clinic - here's our own tried and tested ways to avoid back pain when playing golf

▪️ Technique: Afraid to say it - but you may want to check your technique to help prevent injury with a golfing pro 
▪️ Pressure: Avoid pressure on your joints by swapping to golf accessories designed to help such as lighter bags or dual harness straps for the shoulders to distribute weight evenly.
▪️ Pre and Post Golf warm Up: Yes you heard right. Spend 2-3 minutes minutes warming up before and after by stretching hamstring, quads, chest and shoulders. AND utilise the driving range before teeing off.
▪️ Practice: Time may be an issues - but most injuries occur from just turning up at the course with no practice or experience. Use the driving range or squeeze in some 9 hole rounds when you can. 
▪️ Golf Bag: When picking up your golf bag - be mindful how you do so and bend carefully from the knees.
▪️ Trolleys: The juries out on trolleys due to the added pressure from pulling - however we do recommend power/electric caddies if you can stretch to one.
▪️ Footwear: Believe it or not - wearing suitable shoes will help with stability and help avoid twisting the back and hips.

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