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Top 10 mistakes people make at the gym

Top ten mistakes people make at the gym

We highlight the top 10 most common mistakes that people make at the gym.

We highlight the top 10 most common mistakes that people make at the gym.


You don't wipe down the machines or equipment


One of the most frustrating things we see in the gym is when people do not wipe down the equipment after they have used it! It takes 15 seconds to wipe down the equipment…so there is absolutely no excuse. Without doing so, gyms become the breeding grounds for unhealthy bacteria, viruses and fungi that will affect your health and inevitably your fitness.

You do the same thing every time


You will find that if you continually run 5k on the treadmill week after week, it eventually becomes easier as your body gets used to it. As a result you may stop seeing results both physically and mentally. You need to keep your body guessing by varying the distance, weight, speed and time of your workouts. Your body needs to be challenged to enable you to see continued results…and more than anything prevent you from getting bored.

You aren't including strength training


Gone are the days where cardio is the best type of workout for fitness. While cardio is great for improving your cardiorespiratory health, it will take more than cardio to improve your overall health and fitness. Strength training has a hugely positive effect on your body, from improving your posture, to lowering high blood pressure, to conditioning and defining your muscles.

You skip the warm up and cool down


We know that you do not have to spend hours in the gym to feel the benefits if you are short on time, thanks to HIIT. However, you should never forget the warm up and cool down. A simple 5 – 10 minute warm up will help prepare your muscles for your workout, thus lowering your chance of injury. Similarly, a 5-10 minute cool down consisting of stretching and holding poses will help reduce the possibility of muscle tightness.

You are following a poor diet or aren’t refuelling properly


This is a mistake that many people make. It’s important to realise that your food is your fuel and what you put into your mouth will help keep your body working at its optimal level. Regardless of the length of your workout, you must refuel afterwards and ensure this includes the right types of foods to help support your body.

You do not drink enough water


During a workout, we lose water through sweating. Lack of water consumption will lead to dehydration which can cause: fatigue, dizziness, confusion, and extreme thirst. Always take a water bottle with you to the gym and be sure to sip this throughout your workout. If you find water too bland, then try adding fresh lemon slice into your bottle.

You have bad form


Poor form when doing strength training may affect the results of your training. Lifting weights that are too heavy will affect you form and ultimately may lead to injury. Speak to the gym staff who can show you how to use the machines and equipment properly. To master the correct form, start off with a lightest weight until you feel confident that you are doing it correctly.

You are setting unrealistic goals


Your fitness goals need to be realistic, measurable and timely from the start. There is no point setting a health & fitness goal now if you know that you are off on holiday next week. Setting goals that are unachievable will not only make it more difficult to reach physically but can also have a huge impact on you mentally.

You go too hard too quickly


Training too hard often leads to over training…and we know that over training can cause: a change in heart rate; trouble sleeping; joint pain; chronic exhaustion and increased soreness. Overtraining happens when you train more than your body can recover from, to the point where performance declines. Always ensure you give your body plenty of rest, including breaks between workouts, full rest days and plenty of good quality sleep. Also remember to warm up and cool down, refuelling your body and eating a balanced meal.

Don't get discouraged!


It’s easy to get discouraged when it comes to your workout. Especially this time of year. Do whatever you can to make your workout enjoyable by either training with a friend, finding the most suitable time of day for you, trying different workout options, speak to a personal trainer about your goals. And always remember that your gym workout will always be better than lounging on your sofa.