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8 top tips to help prevent back pain

8 top tips to help prevent back pain

City Way health Clinic in Rochester share their top tips to help prevent back pain

Back and neck pain creates a physical and emotional strain in many of our lives with four out of five people in Britain being affected at any time.


However, there are some really simple steps that you can take right now to help prevent back pain.

* We always recommend that you seek professional advice if you are suffering from prolonged or severe back pain.

Posture: Review your posture and ensure that your daily sitting and standing positions are supporting your back and distributing you weight evenly.

Exercise: Exercises such as walking or swimming may help strengthen the muscles that support your back without putting any strain on it. Yoga and Pilates are highly recommended to help improve the flexibility and the strength of your back muscles.

Driving: Many of us forget about how we are sitting when we drive – but this can have a significant impact on your back. Ensure that your lower back is properly supported and correctly position your mirrors to prevent you having to make sudden movements. In addition if you are driving long distances, take regular breaks so you can stretch your legs.

Sleeping: Ensure your mattress is providing the right amount of support and is neither too firm nor too soft. In addition you need to establish the most suitable sleeping positon – whether that be on your back or side. An Osteopath can always advise on this along with the correct pillow height.

Weight: Maintain a healthy weight to avoid putting too much strain on your back.

Lifting and carrying: Do not bend over from the waist to lift heavy objects. Bend your knees and squat, pulling in your stomach muscles and holding the object close to your body as you stand up. Do not twist your body while lifting. If you can, push rather than pull heavy objects as pushing is easier on the back.

Shoes: As much as possible try to avoid the heels as much as possible. Flat shoes with cushioned soles can help reduce the pressure on your back.

Stress: Modern lives unfortunately have welcomed ore stress into people’s lives. In turn stress, anxiety and tension can affect your back so it’s important to recognise and manage your stress as much as possible.

If you are affected by back paint that is not getting any better or is stopping you from carrying out everyday activities then please do get in touch.