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8 simple tips to help you keep going when running gets tough  

8 simple tips to help you keep going when running gets tough  

Our Medway Osteopaths share their top tips to help your running motivation

We know that running is great for us - everyone keeps telling us so. However, with everything going on right now it can seem harder to stay motivated and enjoy it. So to help turn your mind-set around and refocus on finding that motivation here’s our top tips to help you get back on track: 


Recognise and manage your stress and anxiety.  


Running can be a great stress release but sometimes you can feel too stressed to even lace up your shoes. Look at ways to manage your stress before it gets too serious such as calling someone, reading, switching off social media, Pilates, meditation. You may want to consider running with someone else that can a) motivate you and b) listen to you. Try running a quieter or prettier route to help calm your mind or enlist the help of a PT to give you that extra push you need. 

Keep hydrated 


Running in the heat can be extremely draining making it harder to find that motivation. Ensure you carry water with you and wear appropriate clothing that keeps you cooler - from your hat right down to your socks.  We'd also suggest running either earlier in the morning or later during the evening. Your body works harder during the heat so always bear that in mind when it comes to your run times.  

Avoid getting bored with the same routine by mixing it up  


The quickest and easiest way to do this is to just run in the opposite direction. Doing this will provide new views and inclines making it feel very different. Consider breaking up your runs by possibly doing half in the morning and half in the evening, incorporate short efforts or hills or run a shorter faster route. Also never be afraid to switch out some of your runs for a cycle or swim instead. 

Step away from negativity 


It’s easy to be consumed by the news at the moment which can have a negative impact on how you feel. Firstly it's important to step away from that source as much as you can by turning off your social media or Apps. Also turn your run into your escape and try listening to a podcast, music or just run in silence. Subscribing to a podcast channel in something you’re really passionate about can provide the perfect motivation for you.  

Find a goal to provide motivation to leave the house 


With in-person events cancelled over the past 4 months it's meant that runners have struggled with setting goals and thus motivation. But that should not stop you. There are countless virtual events available to give you that goal or look to join a Twitter or Facebook running community where members offer support and encouragement. You may want to consider Strava which offers range of challenges for you to try.  

Treat yourself to new running gear 


Sounds materialistic - but something simple such as new pair of trainers, leggings or even (depending on your budget) a new fitness tracker can give you that much needed boost. 

Remember why you enjoy running 


If your only form of exercise is running then it can easily become boring and repetitive. Look at ways to reconnect with running by adding in other forms of exercise such as Pilates, swimming, cycling or even try some strength training. This can really help refocus your mind but can also help with your overall physical strength which will support your running.  

Don’t be afraid to take a break 


Taking a few days or a week off could be the best thing you do for your own physical and mental health so never be afraid to do so. If you continually run with little mental motivation or strength you are more prone to injury so it's essential to step back and refocus. You will thank yourself for it. 


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