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6 simple tips to help address sleep struggles

6 simple tips to help address sleep struggles

Our Rochester Osteopaths share 6 simple tips to help with quality of sleep

6 simple tips to help address sleep struggles


According to a new study more than half of Brits have faced sleep struggles in lockdown due to stress and increase in screen time. 

In fact reports from the Hypnotherapy Directory show a 138% increase in those looking for advice on sleep disorders. 

We know that lack of sleep can affect a number of health conditions...including aches and pains so it's important to look at ways to help address the quality of your sleep.


Here's some simple tips to start today to help with your sleep:


  • Ensure your room is cool and dark with no light sources - including phones, laptops etc - invest in an eye mask to block out unwanted light.
  • If you are a caffeine lover...think about brining the time forward when you have your last cup as caffeine stays in your system long after your last cup.
  • Step outide each day to get some fresh air and sun (if possible!) for at least 30 minutes as exposing your skin to some direct sunlight is great for rebalancing your sleep/wake cycle.
  • Exercise each day - even just an easy 20 minute walk - as this can help relax and unwind you.
  • Look at your last meal of the day and establish if this is too heavy or late prior to bedtime. Maybe look at bringing this forward or swapping some food groups.
  • Try to create the perfect sleep environment by turning off your phone and dimming the lights...try reading immediatly before your sleep as this can help switch the mind from daily worries or stresses.