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24 mistakes runners cannot stop making

24 mistakes runners cannot stop making

How many of these can you tick off?

  • Training through an injury…even though you know you shouldn’t
  • Going out too fast
  • Ignoring the CORE…which is most of us
  • Wearing too many layers for a long run
  • Not warming up or down
  • Piling on the training before a race
  • Going out the night before…again
  • Not having regular massages
  • Forgetting your gloves
  • Being negative about your ability and lacking confidence
  • Not factoring in rest or easy days
  • Not drinking enough water…before, during and after your run
  • Not charging our phone or GPS watch
  • Going out too fast in a race
  • Not giving yourself a break…Mentally and physically
  • Not eating the right nutrients
  • Wearing the same trainers for years…even though the grip has gone and holes have appeared
  • Not cross training or strength training
  • Running the same route every week
  • Being obsessed by what others are doing and comparing yourself
  • Overeating after your long run…we’ve all been there
  • Not giving yourself enough time after an injury
  • Forgetting to take loo roll to a race
  • Trying our new trainers or socks on the race day!

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