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10 ways to fit more exercise into your busy day

10 ways to fit more exercise into your busy day

Our Rochester Osteopaths reveal 10 simple ways to fit more exercise into your day

Everyone’s time is precious. And as a result exercise or fitness is usually the one thing that gets neglected as we “Simply don’t have time to do it!”

Well…no more excuses as we share 10 ways to cram exercise into your day:


Meet friends for workouts

Instead of catching up with friends over a lazy brunch…why not meet earlier for a walk followed by brunch? Explore new areas with them or try a fitness class. This way you “kill 2 birds with one stone” and still get to enjoy a well earnt breakfast.

Adapt your commute

The average adult spends 38 hours a year commuting to work. Your commute is the perfect time to incorporate exercise. Maybe look at getting off the bus or tube a stop earlier. Park your car a little further away from work or walk to the train station instead of driving.

Step away from your desk

If your job requires you to be desk based most of the day, then start thinking outside the box to incorporate exercise. Instead of sending a colleague an email, walk over to their desk to chat. Take time out at lunchtime and walk outside. A little bit goes a long way.

Plan your workouts

Planning or booking your workouts may help you commit to them more than seeing how you feel when you wake up. Try exercising morning and evening and see which time of day suits you better.

Walking meetings

Yes there is such a thing! Most meetings can drag on and on and you are stuck in a room for potentially hours. Why not suggest taking your meeting outside and “walk and talk”? These work particularly well for the more informal catch up’s or regular weekly meetings. Fresh air can also help with clarity; focus and productivity so you may find your meetings become a lot more beneficial.

Use the stairs

We are all guilty of using the escalators or lifts instead of the stairs. But set an objective where you use the stairs every day…you will certainly feel the difference and benefit!  

Get the children involved

You can’t always use your kids as an excuse for not exercising. So why not take them with you. Try a HIIT session with them. Take them out on the bikes. Take them to the park with you and set out a mini circuit’s route. Go swimming together. If you look online there are countless activities that you can do as a family.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media has its downfalls – but it can actually be a great platform forgetting workout ideas and for motivating you to reach your goal. 

Use the TV to your advantage

There’s nothing better than curling up watching a Box Set on Netflix whilst destroying a pot of Pringles…but use this time wisely. Why not try watching TV whilst also doing some exercise such as squats / lunges / star jumps. Set yourself a mini circuit that can be done without any equipment.

Track your steps

Using a pedometer or a smart watch can be a great way to track your day-to-day progress and may encourage you to sneak in a few extra steps a day.


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