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8 things you don’t know about your weight

8 things you don’t know about your weight

Our Rochester Osteopaths highlight 8 things you may not know about your weight

We highlight 8 things you may not know about your weight


Sleep matters

If you are lacking good quality sleep you will tend to make unhealthy food choices. Tiredness can often make you prone to picking high-fat, sugary foods, which ultimately will make you feel worse.


Don't focus just on weight loss

Focusing solely on bringing a number down on the sales makes it easier to give up if nothing changes. Choose health goals that focus on losing weight more naturally, such as eating healthier foods, limiting alcohol or training for a ParkRun. 


Scales are misleading

Ditch the scales - they don’t account for changing fat-to-muscle ratios. If you are doing more strength training for example, then you’re likely to gain pounds as muscle is more dense and compact than fat. 


Fad diets are'nt sustainable

You may lose weight to start with, but the weight loss is not sustainable. And in fact, fad diets in some cases cause additonal weight gain. To effectively lose weight, address your mind set and do it slowly.  


Outside workouts are great

It might be fresh out there, but thats a huge benefit. Exercising in the cold boosts the conversion of normal, white fat cells into a type called brown fat that burns rather than stores energy. Plus exercising outside generally makes us work harder to beat the cold.


Count nutrients, not calories

If you only focus on calories, you will often miss out on healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Think about foods that will benefit your health more than your weight. 


Weight loss begins with your mind

The most sustainable way to maintain a healthy weight is to change your mindset. By focusing on changing your behaviour towards food you can help take the emotion out of eating and choose to make healthier choices. 


Every little counts

Losing just five per cent of your body weight can significantly lower your risk or diabetes and cancer, as well as reduce cholesterol levels.