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Lockdown 2: Pilates Update

Kent Pilates

Lockdown 2 Update from our Pilates team

Lockdown 2 Update from our Pilates team 

I’m sure we are all now aware of lockdown 2.0. As of Thursday 5th November we will be returning to the online platform for all appointments and classes.

Luckily our online platform is up and ready and for those of you who have continued with virtual classes and individual appointments, nothing will change.

We are very disappointed to not be able to see those who have returned to our amazing new studio for their face to face classes and appointments for the next 4 weeks. I do hope to see you all virtually, but completely understand peoples preferences. Please let us know the following:

Those who have private lessons:


  • If you would like to keep or cancel your current appointments from Thursday.
  • If you have any equipment at home that we could incorporate into the session, such as large and small balls, bands, circle or Pilates chair.
  • Class members:
  • if you would like to continue on ZOOM or prefer to wait until after lockdown.
  • Payment for group classes has already been taken for this month. If you are continuing on ZOOM you won’t need to do anything. If you are pausing for lockdown, please cancel your direct debit for December and we will use your November payment for that month. 

I hope that makes things a bit clearer, but we are all rolling with the punches at the moment, so if you have any questions, please just email me or call reception.

Many thanks for your understanding,

Stay safe and well and we will see you all very soon

Ellie, Jenni and Karen