Cit Way Osteopathy


What our clients have to say ...

  • “I've had problems with my back for years . I've been going to see Tom and he has worked wonders. Wished I had gone years ago when first had trouble with my back!”

    Yvonne - Rochester
  • “Excellent service. Quick appointment. Courteous, helpful staff. After one appointment slept better than I have done in months. More follow up appointment's needed but feel improvement already and hopeful of a good long term outcome.”

    Shelly - Medway
  • “Used City Way for the first time and was extremely impressed ... after a couple of sleepless nights with neck pain, i booked to see an osteopath and was treated by David. He was very impressive and i am well on the way to recovery after just 2 sessions. I received an on-line exercise programme and ice packing advice to help with recovery. I would 100% recommend the service to anyone like me that develops a joint or muscular issue.”

    Luke - Medway
  • “I've been suffering from headaches due to neck strain and bad posture. I saw David who was amazing his hands are magic! Highly recommend there's no need to suffer in silence anymore”

    Sue - Chatham
  • “I had a Hot Stone Massage at City Way Health Clinic and it was great - definitely the best one I've had and I've had quite a few. I was so relaxed afterwards I contemplated calling a cab even though I live 5 minute walk away...! The therapist was a clearly a professional who was knowledgeable and liked what they were doing rather than somebody who's just taken a short course as part of a beauty therapy qualification. I felt the effects for quite a while afterwards and the facilities are nice and clean too. I will be back.”

    Satu - Medway
  • “Great Help and Very Professional from Reception to Pyshiotherpst. Highly Recommend”

    Megan - Medway
  • “Had my first sports massage the other day for what I thought was a bad back. Turns out there is another cause for my pain and the massage she gave has alleviated so much of the pain already. Can't thank her enough. Can't wait for the next session to help even more. Would definitely recommend.”

    Michelle - Medway
  • “Been treated by Chris Allen on many occasions and he is brilliant , I would recommend him to anyone!”

    Lucy - Medway
  • “I had a hot stone massage with Angela and it was definitely one of the best I’ve had. I’ll definitely be going back and would highly recommend it whether it’s purely for relaxation purposes or to help relieve some stress and tension issues”

    Karen - Rochester
  • “Been for my first sport massage, saw Chris explained everything he was doing and gave me some great advice on how to exercise and strengthen a old ankle injury. Will definitely recommend, legs feel great.”

  • “I take my young twin children to see David on a regular basis after they have been ill, have been teething or have had a growth spurt. His cranial osteopathy has consistently helped my children to be more relaxed and sleep better after these situations. He has always been extremely sensitive and careful to the needs of my children, and they have always benefited from their treatments. I would recommend David to anyone with young children who are growing fast or not sleeping well."”

    Louise - Chatham
  • “I saw David after having developed a bad back due to the excessive awkward lifting at work. He was always very professional in his manner and extremely competent in his Osteopathic techniques, to such an extent that not only did I feel comfortable with David's treatments but also completely pain free after seeing him. I would recommend David to anyone!”

    Peter - Maidstone
  • “The service I received was friendly, professional and highly effective. My pain was reduced after the very first treatment and I continued to improve following every visit. I would recommend the Practice highly.”

    Lisa, Hoo - Rochester