Top 5 health tips for to get you ready for Christmas

Top 5 health tips for to get you ready for Christmas

Christmas can be one of the busiest, stressful yet enjoyable times of the year – so being unwell or uncomfortable is simply not in the equation. These top 5 treatments will help ensure you are in top tip condition so that you can enjoy your Christmas.

Massage: Whether  therapeutic or more intense – the benefits of a massage are endless. A massage provides time out from your busy life and not only helps eliminate existing aches and pain but can also help increase flexibility, increase muscle tone, improve posture, increase circulation and lessen anxiety and depression.

Face the world (FTW) facial: To help you forget about your daily stresses and prepare your skin for the party season, the FTW treatment is unique in that it is designed to take you on a blissful, multi-sensory 'journey' around the world while enjoying the benefits of a results-driven yet fully holistic beauty treatment.

Chiropody & Podiatry: Feet take the weight of your whole body, so ignoring discomfort can start to affect the way you walk and may cause knee, hip and back pain. A huge amount of people are willing to put up with sore, aching and painful feet. Whether it’s a simply health check up or advice, our team can diagnose and treat a number of foot conditions.

Address those niggle: If you are experiencing back or neck pain, regardless of its severity, get it checked out now rather than leaving it so that it affects your Christmas. Osteopathy looks at the whole body, finding the root cause of the symptoms to treat your condition correctly and give you long lasting results.

Nutrition: This time of year is the one of the most difficult to stay on top of your healthy eating regime. However, it is possible to undertake a varied, balanced and exciting diet without the boredom and tiresome structure of a fad diet. Our nutritionist will assess your current diet and lifestyle, creating a tailor made strategy to achieve goals and help you to combat any dietary issues you may have live a healthier, more energised and full life.

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