Neck & Back Pain

Back and neck pain creates a physical and emotional strain in many of our lives with four out of five people in Britain being affected at any time. Osteopathy treats the bones, ligaments and muscles that make up the spine which, when strained or injured, can cause severe back pain.

Our team of Osteopaths at our Rochester clinic are highly qualified and vastly experienced in treating neck and back pain and continually strive to incorporate new research and techniques along with tried and tested treatments. Osteopathy relieves the tension that builds up in muscles, ligament nerves and joints and works with the whole body and person to not only give pain relief, but to give you a clear treatment and exercise plan that will help you stay pain free.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Most back & neck pain is usually a result of mechanical or functional disturbance of the spine – problems that Osteopaths have been treating successfully for over 100 years. The NHS recognises the value of Osteopathy with GPs recommending spinal manipulation and acupuncture and referring patients, however, you do not need a GP referral to visit us and we can start treating you straight away after an initial consultation.

Treatment and Prevention - How we can help you

Osteopathic treatment will release strains from the body as well as addressing new injuries in order to prevent the pain from recurring. Osteopaths treat the whole body and the person and we support your ongoing care with advice and a clear exercise and lifestyle plan, offering advice on:

  • Taking regular exercise: you must take gentle exercise, stretching to improve your muscles and adopt a better posture, strengthen the core muscles surrounding the spine and relieve the tension in the lower back and keep those disks in place. We can give you a few moves and stretches to do every day.


  • Preventing workplace injuries: there are ways in which to prevent workplace injuries, whether you are sitting for long hours in front of a computer and thinking about your workstation set up and posture or we can offer advice on lifting and avoiding strains. Please see our article on correct work station set up.


  • Lifestyle advice: we can offer advice on preventing back and neck pain in your day to day life such as, making sure your car seat is correctly adjusted if you drive for long periods of time, choosing the correct bed and mattress, advice on your children’s back health and what you can do to avoid back and neck pain from a young age and advice in pregnancy and post pregnancy.


  • Other treatments. As an in house clinic we have several healthcare professionals from a range of backgrounds which we can recommend for your overall and ongoing healthcare.

Back and Neck Injuries

Back and neck pain may not occur immediately following injury because the body is very adept at adjusting to injuries and accommodating the stresses and strains imposed. This adaptation disturbs normal posture and the spinal mechanics causing joint and muscle strain to accumulate and symptoms will often occur gradually over a period of time.

Episodes of spinal pain may be triggered by physical exertion, emotional stress or illness. An unfit spine is usually associated with tired muscles and therefore poor spinal joint control. Sometimes minor muscle or joint strains may cause more pain and take longer to heal and repair than seemingly major trauma. This may be because the body has reached its limits and is unable to accommodate any further strain or injury. Often the smallest event is the 'final straw' that triggers the pain.

Lower Back Pain

Lumbago is old terminology for simple lower back pain or strain of the muscles and joints in the lumbar spine. Most lower back pain is the result of overstrain of the muscle and ligaments in the low back – this results in undue stress being placed on the facet joints in the lumbar spine, so causing local inflammation and thus pain. Osteopaths treat lower back pain every day and treatment is usually very successful in total resolution of the condition.

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